Switching to Solar Energy with The SPF Grant

“I’ve always worked really hard, but when I had my daughter, I didn’t want to go back to working 60 or 70 hours a week. When she was four, my marriage ended, so that’s when I became a single mum, and things obviously became a lot more difficult from that point.”

On March 23rd, 2021, Anne, a single mother living on the outskirts of Ashford in Kent, was selected to receive a fully-funded grant to install solar panels in her home, thanks to our SPF Grant programme. By April 27th, 2021, she had six solar panels installed on her house. Switching to solar energy has helped Anne reduce living expenses and enhance her quality of life.

Anne’s Background and Challenges

Anne managed to buy her first house when she was only 19. However, things took a turn when she married and had a daughter. Unfortunately, her marriage didn’t work out, and she had to raise her daughter on a single income. Anne faced new financial and emotional challenges, mainly as her daughter’s autism required special attention. Anne tried to balance work and parenting, but it wasn’t easy, especially during school holidays.

“Any single mum will tell you, trying to juggle childcare with jobs, especially if the father has no contact, gives you no respite.”

Discovering the SPF Grant in Kent

While struggling with these challenges, Anne stumbled upon the SPF Grant, which offers free solar panels to qualifying households. It was like a ray of sunshine for Anne. She was hopeful about the possibility of getting some relief from her bills.

“While having a good old Google about what was available, I came across the advert for free solar panels if you fit the qualifying criteria. I didn’t believe it was true at the time. So I kept looking for what the catch was.”

When Anne first reached out to Solar Panel Funding, she had some doubts. However, her interactions with our team eased her concerns. They explained everything clearly, so she knew what was happening the whole time.

“I spoke to the company, and they were really helpful. The lady on the phone was lovely to deal with. They were incredibly patient with me. When I had my doubts and concerns, they went through the contract with me.”

The Installation Process and Immediate Benefits

The installation process was completed promptly and respectfully, with the installers displaying high levels of efficiency and professionalism. They worked in a way that minimised disruption to Anne’s daily life.

“They put the scaffolding up on the Friday, and the fitters came on the Monday.” 

Anne quickly saw financial benefits after installing solar panels. The solar panels helped her drastically cut her energy bills.

“Previously to this, my energy bill was around £180 a month. I’ve actually, this morning, just reduced my direct debit payment to £100 a month.”

Encouragement to Explore Solar Options

Anne strongly recommends looking into Solar Panel Funding, especially if you’re unsure about offers that seem too good to be true. Her positive experience has made her a supporter of solar energy for both the financial benefits and the positive environmental impact.

“If I had a friend who was thinking about doing this, I’d definitely tell them to look at Solar Panel Funding. I’d really like to thank Solar Panel Funding, all of the team at the head office, the directors, and all those customers who had quotes, which basically helped to fund the grant for my new free solar panels. Thank you so much.”

Eligibility Criteria for a Solar Panel Grant

Understanding the eligibility criteria for getting a solar panel grant is crucial. Generally, these grants are available to homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Criteria can vary, so, always check with the funding bodies or local government websites for specific requirements.

About Solar Panel Funding

Logo of Solar panel funding - SPF, the company that offered a fully funded solar panel grant to a single mum in Kent.

Solar Panel Funding is passionate about fighting fuel poverty in the UK. One of the ways we achieve this mission is by providing eligible homeowners with free solar panels to power their homes. Our approach involves connecting reliable installers with pre-screened solar appointments, and part of our revenue goes towards our SPF Grant. Any income or savings generated by the solar panel system goes directly to the homeowner.

The SPF Grant is the only Solar Panel Grant of its kind in the UK. It is not affiliated with any other supplier or vendor.

We also offer financing options through our installer network for those interested in green solutions but facing upfront cost barriers.

As an entity authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Solar Panel Funding Ltd is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. Instead, we connect applicants with solar panel installers who match loan requests with lenders on their panel.

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