Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if i do not qualify for Free Solar Panels?

If you do not qualify for free solar panels, we still have other options available to help install solar panels.

We will make a recommendation based on your circumstances; it is your choice whether you choose to proceed with this option or not.

There are various funding options available to help with the installation of solar panels, Solar Panel Funding work with a board of national installers that all provide funding options to help spread the cost of installation.

Once you have confirmed with us that you are happy to be passed along, we will find an installer suitable to your needs.

What is the process to withdraw my application?

It is a straightforward process to withdraw an application from Solar Panel Funding, simply email your name, postcode & telephone number to Alternatively, give us a call and speak to any of our advisors; they will happily remove your details from our system.

I would like to make a contribution to Solar Panel Funding 

If you would like to make a contribution to Solar Panel Funding to help with the installation of free solar panels, email 100% of money from contributions will go towards the grant scheme. Solar Panel Funding do not use any of this for running costs or advertising.

How is the Solar Panel Funding Grant Scheme Funded?

The free solar panel scheme from Solar Panel Funding is funded entirely through customers that do not qualify for the grant.

Once we have spoken to a customer and ascertained that they do not qualify for a grant, we will assess their suitability for either option 2 or 3 of the campaign.

Providing the customer meets the criteria and consents to looking in to the other option, we arrange a no-obligation home survey so the customer can get the facts and figures to make an informed decision whether solar is right for them.

If they agree to the home survey, Solar Panel Funding will then pass that customer to the installation company that covers their postcode.

Solar Panel Funding is paid a fee for this referral, a portion of this referral fee is entered into a fund which is set aside entirely for the installation of free solar panels for qualifying homeowners.

How many free solar panel installations will be granted?

The number of Grants completed depends entirely on the success of Solar Panel Funding; the amount of funding is driven by the number of customers that use solar panel funding to arrange quotations. Our aim is to provide as many free systems as possible.

What is the criteria for Free Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Funding provides assistance to customers that fall into set qualifying criteria.

Funding for this option is limited to what is available in the fund; funding is provided on a first come first served basis all qualifying applicants will eventually be installed with free solar panels once funding is available.

Must meet the following criteria:

  • A single parent household living with a child below the age of 18 with a registered illness or disability.
  • Must own the property the panels will be installed on.
  • Must be either employed, self-employed, retired (state pension age) or full time carer.
  • Must have income of less than £10,000 per annum.
  • An annual energy bill that would equate to more than 10% of your yearly income.
  • Must have not have previously received the Solar Panel Funding Ltd grant on a previous property.
  • Must not have a listed building or require any special permissions to install a solar system

Solar Panel Funding reserves the right to amend these criteria at any given time and potentially offer to fund customers that fall short of these criteria at our own discretion. 

If we deem you are eligible for a grant, we will attempt to contact you a maximum of 3 times, so it is vital that you answer the phone call so we can discuss your eligibility.

Don’t meet this criteria?

All is not lost, we still have funding options available to help you install solar panels without the upfront costs, just by booking an appointment with us you will be helping us tackle fuel poverty.

Simply by having a no obligation survey booked through Solar Panel Funding you will be helping somebody in fuel poverty lower their electricity bill. Solar Panel Funding’s ability to install free solar panels is dictated by the amount of surveys we arrange. Even if you do not install solar panels it will still be helping another in a difficult situation.

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