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Solar Panel Funding, The UK’s Only Genuine Solar Panel Grant


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*Full grant criteria can be found on our FAQ page

The Only Solar Panel Grant UK

The Solar Panel Funding Grant Scheme is the only one in the UK. So far, we have helped many homeowners in fuel poverty with grants for solar panels. Apply today to see if you qualify for free solar panels, funding options or discounts.

Apply Today & Generate Free Electricity

With Solar Panel Funding, you can generate your own free electricity. It only takes a few minutes to see if you qualify. Get started today.

Earn & Save Up to £20,000* With The Use of Battery Storage & Solar Incentives

The costs of installing solar panels may vary depending on the size of the system installed and how complicated the installation is to carry out.

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Solar Panel Funding Incentives are already helping hundreds of thousands of homes fund their solar panel system.

With the Solar Panel Funding scheme, homeowners can install a new solar panel system, which they will own in full, using the money generated from savings and earnings, eliminating the need to pay upfront for installation.

Start seeing the savings on your energy bills straightaway with Solar Panel Funding, then generate an income for creating your renewable energy, all whilst increasing the value and energy efficiency of your home.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Please have a look at some of our recent Trustpilot reviews!

Option 1: Fully Funded Solar Panels (Qualifying Criteria Apply)

We are standing up to help fight against fuel poverty in the UK; we are pledging to provide qualifying homeowners with solar panels installed free of charge.

A Government report in 2015 indicated that as many as 4.5 million households were in fuel poverty. This equates to around 17% of UK households.

Fully funded solar panels will be installed in qualifying households, subject to qualifying criteria being met and the levels of funding currently held for free solar panels.

The sale of qualified solar appointments to our network of trusted installers generates income for the scheme.

Any income or savings generated by the system will be paid to the householder and not Solar Panel Funding (This is not rent a roof or power purchase agreement)

This scheme is provided solely by Solar Panel Funding and is not available through any other supplier or vendor.

This Solar Panel Grant scheme is unique and the only one in the UK!

Option 2: Free Solar Panels with ECO 4 (Qualifying Criteria Apply)

Support is given as part of the government’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 in the energy sector.

With approximately £1.3bn set aside for beneficiaries of government benefits, an estimated 6.5 million households qualify.

Despite this, a significant portion of the funding remains unclaimed, leading many low-income families to overspend on energy. As such, homeowners are encouraged to check their eligibility promptly.

The Government’s ECO scheme is designed specifically for this purpose. Initiated to assist low-income families in enhancing energy efficiency, the program aims to decrease carbon footprints and help households save on energy expenses.

Importantly, with this government scheme, it is possible to qualify for this government incentive even if you’re a private tenant, as long as you have your landlord’s permission.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) fourth phase will continue until 2026.

Option 3: Solar Panel Finance Options (Qualifying Criteria Apply)

Solar Panel Funding offers various finance options through our trusted installer network, catering to those interested in green solutions but ineligible for solar panel grants due to upfront costs.

These financing choices help distribute expenses, enhancing affordability and enabling the use of panel-generated income with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) and savings to support gradual payment.

While we don’t provide these financing options directly, you might be directed to our registered installers after confirming eligibility.

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Solar Panel Funding Ltd isn’t a lender and doesn’t make credit decisions. We link applicants with Solar Panel Installers, who match loan requests with lenders from their panel. This website doesn’t endorse specific services or products and shouldn’t be considered financial advice.

Our website is free to use. We may receive a fee from the installation company for referrals, which doesn’t impact applicants’ costs. Some of the received fees will fund free solar panels for grant-qualifying customers.

Option 4: Solar Panel Purchase

If you want to purchase solar panels outright, we have a selection of local and national installers covering most of the UK.

We deal with the UK’s top installation companies and regularly assess them on their customer satisfaction to provide the very best installers available.

What are the benefits of using Solar Panel Funding to book your quote?

You will also be helping us fight fuel poverty, as a portion of our referral fee will be used to install free solar panels on a household struggling with fuel poverty.  

We charge no extra fee for using our service.

We believe the installers we work with provide the best service and most competitively priced products in the UK Solar Market.

By booking your quotation with Solar Panel Funding, you will be helping in the fight against fuel poverty; even if you do not proceed with an order, we still receive the referral fee for installing free solar panels.

Solar panel battery storage is available in the UK

Battery storage is finally here! Limited units are available, so don’t miss your chance to be almost off the grid and, in some cases, never pay for electricity again!

In a stride towards a sustainable future, the UK has embraced the innovation of solar panel battery storage, ensuring that the sun’s power is harnessed and stored efficiently during non-daylight hours.

Integrating battery storage with solar panels is a game-changer in the renewable energy sector. Not only does it allow households and businesses to utilise solar energy during the day, but it also ensures that excess energy is stored during the night or on cloudy days, maximising the benefits and efficiency of solar installations.

Available for those who already have panels!

Solar Panel Fundings Unique Free Solar Panel Scheme

Owning your solar panels typically offers more financial and flexibility benefits than roof rental or traditional Free Solar Panels:

Solar Panel Funding is a unique organisation within the UK’s renewable energy sector due to our distinctive profit allocation model.

We take a notable share of our profits and dedicate it to providing UK homeowners with free of charge solar panels. This model allows us to help households transition to renewable energy without any initial cost to the homeowner.

Through this programme, Solar Panel Funding supports the adoption of green energy but also assists in making solar power accessible to a broader range of households. Covering the upfront installation costs reduces the financial barrier for qualifying homeowners to benefit from solar energy.

This initiative represents an innovative approach to promoting renewable energy in the UK, benefiting both the environment and homeowners by reducing carbon emissions and energy bills.

Maximising Your Savings with Solar Panel Grants in the UK

Solar Panel Funding is the only organisation providing solar panel grants in the UK; you can maximise your savings and reduce the upfront costs of installing solar panels. It is essential to do your research and compare different grants and incentives to find the best deal for you. You can also consult a professional solar panel installer for advice on the best options for your property.

How does Solar Panel Funding work?

1. Submit Your Information

Complete the form, once we receive your application, we will call you to discuss the options available.

2. No Obligation Assessment

Once we have discussed the options with you, if you are happy to proceed, we will pass you over to an installation company, and one of their assessors will carry out your free, no-obligation property survey.

3. Arrange Your Installation

As soon as your property is approved, the installation company we pass you to will arrange installation for your solar panels.

Why not let your solar panels help fund the installation?

With Solar Panel Funding, you could!

There Are Still No Upfront Costs!

  • You will have complete ownership of your solar panels and no leasing or renting of your roof space.
  • Generate clean, renewable energy with your panels and substantially reduce energy bills.
  • Please book your free no-obligation home suitability survey with us today!

Take a look at some video testimonials for customers that used SPF to get a completely free Solar PV system

* This is based on a typical 4.2-kilowatt peak system with battery storage, a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) rate of 3.99p per kilowatt hour, and energy bill price inflation set at 5.61%
Savings may depend on your home size, how often you’re home, and how much energy you use.
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Earning & Saving Money With Solar:
Energy Bill Price Inflation:

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