Michelle’s Solar Panel Grant Success Story

On 14 November 2019, Michelle, a mother of three from Fleetwood, Lancashire, was awarded the SPF Grant, our fully funded solar panel grant scheme. The grant funded the installation of six solar panels on 2 December 2019. The grant couldn’t have come at a better time for Michelle as she struggled to manage her household.

Life Transitions and Financial Challenges

Michelle’s life took a challenging turn 18 months ago following her separation from her husband of 13 years. As a self-employed single mother, Michelle had to manage her household and maintain a steady income alone. These responsibilities made managing her finances even more demanding.

The Search for Solar Energy Solutions in Fleetwood

Michelle is committed to protecting the environment. She seeks sustainable alternatives like buying second-hand items and minimising unnecessary expenses. She said, “I am very conscious about the energy that I use, and I do get my energy from an ethical, environmental company, but still, the costs were quite high.” Her desire to invest in solar panels was a natural extension of her eco-friendly beliefs.

Although she knew harnessing solar energy would be beneficial, it seemed like a distant dream. “I looked into installing solar panels before receiving the grant, but the initial cost was beyond our means,” Michelle shared.

Reducing Energy Costs with Solar Panels

Michelle’s discovery of our fully funded solar panel grant was a turning point. She recalls, “Getting the six solar panels for free has been a massive help and should hopefully reduce my energy bills, so I’m pleased bout that.”

The solar panel funding has significantly reduced her financial burden, and the installation of solar panels has considerably decreased Michelle’s energy costs.

Michelle started her journey with Solar Panel Funding by taking a simple online survey to explore the available funding options. “Finding out that the solar panel grant was available was a really happy surprise for me,” she said. “I am aware that there are government targets for greener energy, but I was quite surprised to find that Solar Panel Funding is a private firm.”

The Joy of Qualifying for The SPF Grant

Learning she qualified for the solar panel grant was a delightful surprise for Michelle. “I was really happy to find out that Solar Panel Funding were able to help us,” she said, highlighting the impact of this initiative.

Efficient Solar Panel Installation

Michelle had a great experience with the installation of her solar panels. She found the team skilled, respectful of her space and time, and very professional from the very first phone call to the final installation. The installation was completed in less than three weeks, and the panels are running efficiently. “I was blown away by how helpful, professional, and supportive they were,” she said with a smile.

Securing Future Energy Costs with Solar Panels

Michelle believes installing solar panels is about the immediate cost savings and the long-term impact on her energy bills.

She thinks that given the current economic climate, every penny saved counts, and the solar panels are a step towards a more sustainable and financially stable future. “We never know how costs are going to rise in the future. And the solar panels have really sort of future proofed my bills for me, so it’s a big weight off,” she said.

The long-term benefits of Michelle’s solar panels go beyond reduced energy bills. “In the future, I could actually generate income from these with a smart meter,” she explains. This potential for income generation and cost savings make solar panels a wise financial decision.

Encouraging Others to Apply for Grants

Michelle advises those considering solar panel grants: “Go for it.” She emphasised, “Don’t be deterred by the application process or eligibility concerns. The benefits, both environmentally and financially, are well worth the effort.”

Eligibility Criteria for a Solar Panel Grant

Understanding the eligibility criteria for getting a solar panel grant is crucial. Generally, these grants are available to homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Criteria can vary, so Michelle suggests, “Check with the funding bodies or local government websites for specific requirements.”

Expressing Gratitude

Michelle is immensely grateful for the support and assistance she received. “Thank you to everyone at the Solar Panel Funding and those who helped install my system. Your professionalism and helpfulness have been amazing,” she expressed wholeheartedly.

About Solar Panel Funding

Logo of Solar panel funding - SPF, the company the offered a fully funded solar panel grant to Fleetwood resident.

Solar Panel Funding is passionate about fighting fuel poverty in the UK. One of the ways we achieve this mission is by providing eligible homeowners with free solar panels to power their homes. Our approach involves connecting reliable installers with pre-screened solar appointments, and part of our revenue goes towards our SPF Grant. Any income or savings generated by the solar panel system goes directly to the homeowner.

We also offer financing options through our installer network for those interested in green solutions but facing upfront cost barriers. The SPF Grant is the only Solar Panel Grant scheme of its kind in the UK. It is not affiliated with any other supplier or vendor.

As an entity authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Solar Panel Funding Ltd is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. Instead, we connect applicants with solar panel installers who match loan requests with lenders on their panel.

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