Dagenham Mum Cuts Costs with Free Solar Panels 

My name is Loubna. I live in Dagenham. I am the mother of three boys. One has autism, and I am his full-time carer. Children with autism are quite really challenging.”

On 21 April 2021, Loubna, a mum of three living in Dagenham, received great news. She was chosen to get fully funded solar panels installed through our SPF Grant. The grant fully paid for the installation of six solar panels on her house on 14 May 2021. It was a big step towards using saving money on her bills, using cleaner energy and making life a bit easier for her family.

Challenges Faced by Loubna

Loubna shared her experience of taking care of a child with autism and how it can be challenging. She revealed that the recent lockdown made things even harder and pushed her son “to the edge” to the extent of needing professional help to deal with the situation. Loubna also spent much of her income on energy consumption due to high energy bills, which added more financial strain on the family.

Discovering the SPF Grant in Dagenham

During these trying times, Loubna stumbled upon an opportunity that seemed almost too good to be true—a chance to drastically reduce her energy bills by installing solar panels, all paid for by our SPF Grant. She’s still in disbelief about how things turned out!

I was scrolling on Facebook and Instagram and saw the advertisement about the solar panel funding. I thought, why not give it a try? It was my lucky day!

The Joy of Qualifying for The SPF Grant

Loubna will never forget the response she got from Solar Panel Funding. At first, she couldn’t believe it, but then her doubt vanished as she was overwhelmed with joy.

I was so surprised when a lady called me saying, you’re qualified, and we’re going to arrange installation. It was very emotional. I was just like, ‘Oh my God, really?’ You made my day.”

The installation day was meaningful for Loubna and her family. It marked the start of their journey to energy independence. They were pleased with the way the Solar Panel Funding and installation teams handled everything with professionalism and support.

It didn’t take long for the installation to be arranged and completed. The staff were very friendly, and the job was done nicely and clean. Thank you to them.”

Reducing Energy Costs with Solar Panels

With the solar panels now installed, Loubna’s energy bills dropped dramatically. Now, she can allocate her finances more effectively towards her children’s needs.

It’s making a huge difference in my spending. If I was spending 40 percent of my income on energy before, saving even 20 percent means a lot.”

Gratitude and Encouragement

Looking back, Loubna is filled with gratitude. She extends her heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make her dream come true.

Thank you, Solar Panel Funding, head office team, directors, and all the customers who had quotes that helped to fund the grant for my new free solar panel.”

She also has a message for others who might find themselves in similar situations.

Don’t hesitate to apply for the grant. It’s not just an advertisement. It is true. And it can make a big, huge difference in your life, just like it did in mine.”

Loubna’s story proves that our SPF Grant works. It was an actual “lottery day” that brought her much more than energy savings—that day brought her hope and relief. Loubna’s story shows that with some help and the right opportunities, anyone can overcome their challenges and move towards an energy-independent and more sustainable future.

About Solar Panel Funding

Logo of Solar panel funding - SPF, the company the offered a fully funded solar panel grant to Dagenham resident.

Solar Panel Funding is passionate about fighting fuel poverty in the UK. One of the ways we achieve this mission is by providing eligible homeowners with free solar panels to power their homes. Our approach involves connecting reliable installers with pre-screened solar appointments, and part of our revenue goes towards our SPF Grant. Any income or savings generated by the solar panel system goes directly to the homeowner.

We also offer financing options through our installer network for those interested in green solutions but facing upfront cost barriers. The SPF Grant is the only Solar Panel Grant of its kind in the UK. It is not affiliated with any other supplier or vendor.

As an entity authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Solar Panel Funding Ltd is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. Instead, we connect applicants with solar panel installers who match loan requests with lenders on their panel.

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