A Pensioner’s Shift to Solar: Keith’s Solar Panel Grant Story

On the 11th of November, 2023, Keith, a retiree living in Wyke near Bradford, was chosen to receive our fully funded solar panel grant as part of the SPF Grant Scheme. By the 5th of December, 2023, he had eight solar panels installed in his home. The grant’s timing was a blessing for Keith, who had been facing the challenge of rising electricity costs on a fixed pension

The Struggle with Rising Electricity Costs

Keith, originally from Huddersfield, moved to Wyke, a small area near Bradford, seven years ago, where he lives in a charming 170-year-old house with his two dogs. Like many in the UK, he’s been noticing his electricity bills getting higher and higher, which is tough on his limited pension income. “The cost of electricity’s gone up tremendously, and I’m on a quite low pension, so it’s just difficult to make ends meet,” Keith says, voicing a problem many people are dealing with as the cost of living keeps increasing.

The Search for Solar Energy Solutions in Bradford

Keith’s journey into using solar energy started from a simple need: to find a way to keep his home running without breaking the bank. “I’ve been looking online and checking the government and council websites for funding because I know they do them,” he said, “but the more I looked into it, the more I found out that they stopped funding six months ago and they haven’t got enough money to do it and I’ve gone on the waiting list and so forth”.

Discovering Solar Panel Funding

After exhaustive searches and facing the reality of discontinued government funding, Keith’s discovery of Solar Panel Funding marked the beginning of a new chapter. “I found Solar Panel Funding through the internet, left a message with them, and they contacted me back”, he recalls.

An Easy Application Process

The solar panel grant application process is entirely online, and Keith found it simple and accessible to complete from his home in Bradford. “They just walked me through every step”, he said, “they just said, we’ll send you this, tick these, read through it and send it back to us, send us details of your energy bill, how much you’re expected to use over the year,” he recounted. This user-friendly approach ensures that applicants can submit the necessary information easily.

From Scepticism to Satisfaction

Keith was initially sceptical, but his encounter with us through the grant scheme transformed his outlook and soon gave way to optimism. “I’m glad it was a private company—they were just there for me,” he shares, emphasising how we guided him through each step with a level of personal attention that dispelled any doubts.

A Professional Installation with a Personal Touch

The installation of solar panels on Keith’s storied home was challenging. The uneven stone slates of his roof posed a unique obstacle. Yet, the installation team’s professionalism turned a potential hindrance into a testament to their skill and dedication. Keith appreciates their meticulous work. “They were absolutely professional—it was a marvellous job,” he said.

Financial and Environmental Benefits

With solar panels installed on his roof, Keith can see how much energy they’re making and how much money he’s saving, all in real-time. This change has quickly helped him save a lot on his energy bills, meaning he has more money for other important things, like caring for his goats. Besides saving money, Keith is also doing something good for the planet. He’s reducing pollution and helping keep the environment clean by using solar energy.

Keith’s Call to Action to Apply for Solar Panel Grants

Michelle advises those considering solar panel grants: “Go for it.” She emphasised, “Don’t be deterred by the application process or eligibility concerns. The benefits, both environmentally and financially, are well worth the effort.”

Keith’s Call to Action to Apply for Solar Panel Grants

Keith’s experience with Solar Panel Funding and the SPF Grant Scheme is not just a personal victory; it’s a wake-up call to others in similar situations. “I’d recommend them to anybody,” he asserts, underscoring the transformative impact of the grant on his life and finances.

Eligibility Criteria for a Solar Panel Grant

Understanding the eligibility criteria for getting a solar panel grant is crucial. Generally, these grants are available to homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs. Criteria can vary, so, always check with the funding bodies or local government websites for specific requirements.

About Solar Panel Funding

Logo of Solar panel funding - SPF, the company that offered a fully funded solar panel grant to a Bradford resident.

Solar Panel Funding is dedicated to fighting fuel poverty in the UK. Our commitment includes providing free solar panels to eligible homeowners. Our model involves selling qualified solar appointments to trusted installers to generate income that supports our SPF Grant scheme. Any income or savings from the installed system goes directly to the homeowner.

We also offer financing options through our installer network for those interested in green solutions but facing upfront cost barriers. The SPF Grant is the only Solar Panel Grant scheme of its kind in the UK. It is not affiliated with any other supplier or vendor.

As an entity authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, Solar Panel Funding Ltd is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. Instead, we connect applicants with solar panel installers who match loan requests with lenders on their panel.

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